January 3rd. I read the following article on express.be: “Opening winter sales is a hughe hit!”

It appears that the winter sales during the opening week-end are 2% ahead compared to last winter.

On january 31st. I read at the same online news service express.be: “due to bad (good in this case) weather winter sales melted away”.

In fact a reduction of 3% in total sales compared to last year was noted.

That is, according to Unizo (union of independent entrepreneurs).

The NSZ (the national syndicate of independent entrepreneurs) on the other hand claim that the winter sales weren’t so bad: a mere 1% lower compare dot last year.

And finally, Fedis (the national federation of distributors) claims that the slowdown was somewhere between 5 to 10%.

The error margins exceeds the actual figure…

Can anyone explain me, please??

On top of that, the weather is the villain in this case.

NSZ: “the consumer chooses to fulfill his seasonal needs instead of choosing for luxury and pampering”.

In other words: luxury and pampering are needs that are not related to this season.

I’m curious when luxury and pampering are going to pop up...

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