Last week I saw and advertising that made me frown my eyebrows.

Not completely by accident, an advertisement from Carrefour (my all time favorite supermarket, that is for marketing failures).

The concept of the advertisement however wasn’t bad at all.

It was a complete newspaper page that praised various feeding merchandise.

The good thing about the concept was that the various nutritional components had something in common with the current season.

Sauerkraut, sausages, bacon and potatoes.

Early November with cold and bleary weather: cannot fail!

But at the bottom of that same page there’s also the promotion of the week: an LCD TV...

One could imagine making a Sauerkraut plate and enjoying a nice dvd on the newly bought LCD TV, but then again: consumers don’t have time to imagine what you’re trying to say. You’ll have to say it and it better be clear.

A missed opportunity, again.

It is typical for Carrefour: trying to be the best at everything and as a consequence loose at every level.

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