After a very busy period (I was on holidays) we’re back with an example of customer orientation. A flare, as to speak.

The dental practitioner where my son and daughter have their treatment applied for the most customer oriented practitioner of all times.

In the waiting room there was this sign which said:

“If you have been waiting for 2 hours and still aren’t being served, please approach the reception. We will offer you a cup of coffee.”

If you now this practitioner only works on appointment (which is a flaw, because the average waiting time is 45 minutes) then this sign is rather a way of saying: “dear customer, be glad I want to help you at all!”

I made a remark about the sign to the dental practitioner. And yes I remained calm and friendly.

Her reaction?

A smile and off she went.

Sometimes customers just behave like humans, sir.

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