"Talent Aligned With Strategy"
"Show Me the Difference"
If everything looks alike, price will be the main differentiator. Start moving away from that situation.
"If Everything Seems Under Control, You
An evolving company will not do the same things for a long time.
"Look at Your Customer As a Movie, Not As a Picture"
The contract is the start, not the end.
"Concepts, Strategies and Implementations with Results"
Sustainable results in any industry.
"Inspiration Comes When You Least Expect It"
"Why is the most important question"
Most people have no idea about the answer. We help you discover it.
"The Purpose Initiative"
Discover the single methodology that uses the end-customer's perspective as a starting point
"In Difficulty Lies Opportunity"
Most people focus on the solution to a problem. We focus on the origin.
"Start Your Purpose Initiative Today"
Forget Tips & Tricks, they're copied by the competition and you get tired of remembering them.
"Attitude Change is the Most Sustainable Growth"
Not all change is for the best, but if you want to become better you'll need to change
"The Purpose Initiative for Sales and Operations"
The implementation of your purpose driven strategies
A marketing recipe that has been around since the invention of fire is the "and so much more" type of slogan.

Once you start looking for it it seems everywhere around us.
Companies that claim to do something "and so much more".
What "more" exactly covers is left to the reader's imagination.

I think it is pure laziness from the marketeer.
Unwilling to dig deeper into the real value of the company.
Where do they make the real difference? Why are they in business anyhow?

Instead, they come up with a slogan that covers everything and nothing in the same time.

Here's an example that I saw yesterday on the road (start looking for yours today!):

The print says: "Vanlangenaker, more than transport alone"
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