Marketing can be very simple, sometimes.

The condition for it to become simple is to have a clear purpose for your company.
Once that purpose is defined (from a customer's perspective by preference), the rest becomes simple.
Even marketing.

Let me give you an example: Bar Italia in Antwerp.
A traditional Italian restaurant/bar.
Nothing special, 13 in a dozen, one would say.

But Bar Italia does something other Italian restaurants don't do.
It is consequent in all of its offerings.

It's purpose is simple and clear: home made dishes with quality products but with an extreme focus on freshness.

And that's where they make a difference.
Not necessarily in serving fresh ingredients, but in how to make this freshness visible.
In every aspect of the restaurant.
It starts with the menu: they use a newspaper-style menu to both communicate about the products and restaurant, but also to make the association with daily freshness.

As you can see: very simple but effective.

And by the way, the pizza we ordered was fabulous.
Check it out: Bar Italia, Graaf van Egmontstraat 56, 2000 Antwerp
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