Yesterday, I went to the presentation of Seth Godin in the Elisabeth hall in Antwerp.

For those who are unfamiliar with Seth Godin, you are a different kind of people for which this blog is meant.

I enjoyed an evening good American marketing thinking with a twist. Because that’s what Seth Godin does: he puts the classical marketing in its shirt, yourself included.

The key messages of his presentation?

- We have a reptile brain which takes over as soon as we calculate risks

- Good ideas create resistance, a lot of resistance

- Successful people have a different definition of ‘failure’

There was this one statement in his presentation where my spine spontaneously shrunk.

He claimed you should try as many ideas as possible. Eventually one will succeed.

A true statement, but he started comparing this idea with rolling the dice.

Eventually you will roll five aces.

At this point this sounded to me as “having luck”.

And as you know, I don’t believe in luck: amateurs need luck, professionals have a method.

I believe Seth Godin wasn’t referring to the dice literally, but as a figure of speech.

Somebody who loves the humor of this image (shown during the presentation) must be a genius.

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