I just had visitor's from a large Swiss fashion brand in our People Loop.

The people loop is about the impact of technology on both customers and co-workers.
And how that changes business fundamentals.

One of the conclusions that come out of this insightful trip is that purpose driven companies score better on the following themes:
- (long term) profitability 
- sustainability
- customer orientation

Although the managing director and his sales director are convinced this is the way to go, the management board focusses on the short term benefits.
Especially since the brand is under pressure both financially as marketing wise.
The result: the bottom line is the only thing that counts and so cost-cutting was key for the past year.

Guess what: their results are (still) deteriorating.

The picture aside puts it all into perspective.
Companies without a purpose have no soul.
Why would customers bother about them?

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