Once, probably before the car was invented, I was a customer with Octa+.

I never took advantage of their loyalty card, nor their reward program, or whatever they offered to keep me coming back.

The last five to six years I was customer with another petrol station and Octa+ disappeared from my supplier listing.

Years went by.

Until yesterday. I received a letter from Octa+ starting with “dear loyal customer...”.

The heading of the letter even mentions my customer number (!).

And of course so much loyalty deserves a reward. Octa+ offers my, totally free, a customer card/flashlight!

The gift is a banking card (style Visa, Master Card) with three integrated led lights.

The remaining of the letter is a long listing of reasons why I should remain customer with Octa+.

But it is the flashlight that intrigues me.

The communication step up they use is the fact that this flashlight will ‘enlighten my life’ as well as the offering of Octa+ does.

Quite an assignment I would say.

A test enforces itself!

Pressing on the right spot on the card and let there be light! ... that is, the two red (?) led lights should take care of the ‘enlightment experience’ Octa+ promises.

You’ve probably guessed it: this piece of junk doesn’t even bring a lumen of light into the darkest hole on earth.

Not to mention ‘enlightment’.

A marketing action to be classified under ‘well tried but fail’.

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