note: ‘Irresponsibly Interesting’ is a slogan used by the newspaper ‘De Standaard’.

About a year ago I wrote: on-line newspapers should shift to a payable business model.

So far none of them, at least the Belgian newspapers, use a payable business model.

They offer their news for free.

But both ‘De Morgen’ and ‘De Standaard’ are re-thinking their on-line business models.

The objections they still see are still the same as a year ago: customers don’t want to pay for on-line news, because ‘the internet’ offers it for free.

A logical explanation, and therefore completely wrong.

Suppose the explanation is correct, then the existence of the current on-line newspaper is a contradictio in terminis.

The discussion is not about free news, but about which kind of information do you want, when and where? For the answers to these questions exist customers. People who want to pay for verified, quick, reliable, etc kind of news.

Who is best positioned to deliver this kind of information?

Indeed, the quality newspapers.

A small tip for the editors: look further then the on-line version of your newspaper. Look at the customer who wants to get (litteraly) the information.

I’m curious when they will make the jump.

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