Yesterday, the newspaper ‘De Morgen’ brought a small article that illustrated the principles of reverse thinking perfectly.

Late Paul Arden would certainly have used it in his book “Whatever you think, think the opposite”.

The setting: the city of Gent has some serious problems with so-called game patchers.

These are people who stick their posters everywhere and onto everything.

Typically these are posters that announce a party, event and other festivities.

A logical (and therefor commonplace) reaction would be to have more repression and police on the street.

But the city of Gent is governed by mayor Termont. And he has a reputation to defend when it comes to reverse thinking.

Instead of having more policemen controlling (with an associated cost) and verbalizing the offenders (more work, more costs), he chooses to hit the offenders where they feel it the most.

The people who organize the festivities announced by the posters are not amused.

This is wat Mr. Termont came up with:

(the posters are covered with a banner stating: “cancelled")

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