Any manager will confirm the following: a typical sales team has low, mid and top performers.

The funny thing is, the constitution of such a team resembles the Gaussian average distribution.

We’re entering the world of mathematics here, so buckle up!

This distribution says the average team has 16% low performers, 16% top performers and the remaining 68% are your mid or average performers.

So far, so good.

The problem, however is the sales results are dramatically different for each of these ‘teams’.

The top performers are making, on average, a 32% more sales revenue then the mid performers.

The low performers are making (sic), on average, a 32% less sales revenue.

That is an astonishing 64% gap!

Imagine what you could do if only you could make your low performers move up to the mid performers.

Well, TalentGauge, a profiling tool used by Talent Monitor exactly does this.

We’re not that much into maths, but we’re absolutely into closing that 64% gap!

Although, there’s the saying: there are lies, absolute lies and then there’s statistics…

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