It has been a while since I commented on my favorite supermarket: Carrefour.

Today, I want to comment, not because I like to kick back or to show that I predicted this would happen.

It is not worth to do so and it is undone to laugh at someones misery.

What is worth commenting is the way Carrefour thinks to solve their problems.

Which, sadly enough, make me fear for the worst.

The solutions the management of Carrefour are presenting are, again, based on classical marketing.

With all known consequences:

- Referbushing of the malls (okay, a bit of paint and some new lighting, for what purpose?)

- Change of names: Carrefour becomes Carrefour Market (that’s more clear, where’s my shopping truly I can’t wait to get in!)

- New concepts (which ones?)

- Extension of Carrefour Express and Online services (more of the same in other words)

As you can see, nothing new and nothing fundamentally different.

All marketing experts have even the same comments during the past week: Carrefour lacks a clear positioning.

The above list of actions doesn’t even take into account this origin of their problems.

And the reason for that is simple: classical marketing is designed for the market leader.

Carrefour has lost this leadership (a long time ago).

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