When I talk with sales managers, one of their biggest issues, beside the quarterly results, is the time they spend with people they don’t like.

Easy, one would think, avoid those people and move on.

But the reality is more demanding. Litteraly.

The people in question are co-workers that demand attention, instead of deserving it.

And you cannot blame those co-workers. It is the sales manager who encourages this attitude.

Example: the co-workers are typically those that underperform. The result is that the sales manager tries to motivate those people to perform better. He/she spends hours and hours trying to find out what goes wrong and how he/she can help.

Whereas those co-workers who are performing well are getting 5 minutes of attention, best case.

I try to convince such managers to reverse that situation.

Spent time with those people who deserve. A lot of time.

Those who underperform, let them think about their situation instead of rewarding them with your biggest asset as a manager: your attention.

Rarely, managers dare to do this.

They rather spent hours and hours of energy with people they don’t like.

I wonder how their bosses feel?

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