I’m jealous. About my son.

He studies multi media. Something that wasn’t available ‘in my old time’, but that carries my absolute interest.

To develop his chances on the job market early on, we made an appointment at the Antilope printing office (www.antilope.com).

This printing office, the expression does short to what the company actually does, has won several prices in the past. Curious about this company and whether they would live up to the expectations, I went along with my son to visit them (curiosity is was of my many talents).

I will limit myself to one anecdote to show you how well this company has its act together.

For your understanding: Antilope invests in the latest and most innovative technology.

This way they remain, hence their name, a jump ahead of the competition.

At the goodbye the general manager asks the receptionist to fetch a calendar for us as a small gift.

The manager shows us the calendar and explains the special printing techniques which were used to produce it.

I was not able to follow the technical explications, but from what I understood the resolution of the print was several times higher then normal.

The receptionist notices my skeptical look.

She brings the manager a loupe, who takes the opportunity to SHOW us and let us FEEL the result of the print.

You notice it immediately: in a company with a true core value everybody plays the same game.

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