This morning I heard a radio spot that gave me literally the shivers.

I don’t mind a healthy portion of local slang in a publicity spot, certainly not if it is my own slang (Antwerp).

But in this case the combination of Antwerp slang (a long and sharply spoken ‘aa&rsquoand the irritating voice (style: circular saw) didn’t work.

Publicist Afas Software, who delivers accountant software for businesses, made sure that the publicity was irritating for the full 30 seconds.

Moreover because the name of the company allowed, err... demanded the pulling of the stops for the voice over (Aaaafaaaas softwaaaaare, can you imagine it?).

One asks himself who invents such a non-publicity?

Unless Afas Software is convinced that any publicity, even worse, is still publicity.

Bad idea, I guess.

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