Because I believe strongly in Steve Jobs’ customer-thinking approach, I would like to tribute him.

And the tribute is not once, but continuously.

Value Centered Marketing (VCM) is exactly about those things Steve Jobs believes in. He, on the other hand, brings it with much more guts and drama then I ever could. That’s why there’s a tribute for him (not me).

Two basic ideas of VCM are at the core of Jobs’ thinking:

1)Don’t ask people what they want, give them what they need.

2)Don’t believe in market research, instead know your market.

The funny thing is: most marketeers admire Steve Jobs. They love his creativity and his charisma. But the fact is: they don’t apply his two basic rules. And thus they will never focus on the customer, although they claim to do so.

Steve Jobs does focus on the customer. Always. And therefore alone, he deserves a tribute.

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